All the threads of my life and work combine in creativity.

I spent many years working as a professional creative and then over a decade of teaching creativity to everyone from CEOs to seven year olds.

I also still practise what I preach – I write, I sing and I create magical experiences for others that connect them to their creativity and sense of wonder.

Why create?

Creativity is key to a healthy psyche. It connects us to our playful selves – and to each other. It gives us an infinite toolbox of new ideas and fresh perspectives. It allows us to engage with the raw, challenging, beautiful stuff of life, and gives us a way to process our lives and transform our experiences into new forms.

Creativity isn’t necessarily about being an accomplished artist. It is about living a life where your ideas are able to shift, expand and open. Creativity makes your life and work become playful experiments rather than stagnant habits. Living creatively, we create a chink in our habitual thinking, invigorate our imagination and find ourselves coming up with new solutions, innovative ideas and exciting new possibilities.



All artists work in a medium. I use the medium of experience itself as my art form.

Creativity doesn’t have to be confined to the page or the painting or the playhouse. It can happen in space and time, in the world you already inhabit.

What I really love to do is to use my creativity to remind people how they can access theirs. And I do so in a whole variety of ways.

I have been leading people on immersive, powerful, playful creativity workshops for over a decade and have offered hundreds of individuals and several organisations new ways to see their world.

Bringing together a wealth of experience in creativity training, play techniques and personal development, my facilitation style is warm, engaging, professional and relaxed, with bespoke trainings available to cover everything from exploring creative ways to communicate with imagination, passion and clarity to inspiring random acts of kindness within your organisation or community.

Recent offerings include:

  • Co-facilitating a nocturnal adventure called Midnight Run, exploring the city with a diverse group of artists, individuals and professionals
  • Collaborating with a university department of quantum physicists to explore how they can think, play, connect and create in new ways
  • Reminding a group of business leaders, CEOs and senior consultants how to find magic portals into other worlds

Where possible, I offer exercises out in nature, where participants reconnect with their childhood ability to free their imagination, rediscover their creativity and find space to think in innovative ways.

I have run events in treehouse villages and hobbit huts, boardrooms and city parks.
I also offer one-to-one creative coaching sessions – inside a hollow tree in London, if you so choose.

“It was absolutely magical. It takes you to a place in your mind that you probably didn’t even know existed.” John

“A reconnection with my imagination and a reminder that I do actually have one!! Allowing creative thoughts to enter and evolve and not be crushed by the practical “adult” thoughts too quickly. Taking time to see the magic – really see.” Biddy

“It’s exhilarating to reconnect with the playful, creative person inside.” Jim

“Come with an open mind. Be ready to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.” Stella

“Very good exercises. Fun fun fun. I refound my creative fun happy self and feel that I can take him on my continuing journey with love and respect.” Robert

“A journey back in time and at the same time a journey into your future. Reconnecting with the power of your imagination.” Neil

“Tiu is brilliant at creating activities that evoke magical experiences.” Colin

“Enlightening in a way that creates positive thoughts for a future of fun and further expression. Should be made compulsory for all.” Eric

Pronoia Project

“Pronoia: How the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings”  Rob Brezsny

Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It’s when you live as if the world were out to help you, not out to get you.

And the beauty of it is, part of how you learn how to do that is by creating magical experiences for others that let THEM feel the whole world is conspiring to help them too.

The Pronoia Project is an urban experiential adventure where we intervene in the world with random covert acts of kindness and beauty, as well as uncovering the blessings which were hiding right under our very noses.

The Pronoia Poject will remind you how to:

  • Discover how to see things afresh and find the magic in your own life
  • Transform your environment into a pro-active treasure hunt
  • Spread kindness and beauty for the delight of yourself and others

Get in touch to find out about bringing Pronoia into your world and transforming your workplace, community and ultimately your whole perspective on life into one sparkling with possibility and twinkling with delight.

Odyssey Works

Tiu de Haan - Ceremony / Creativity - Odyssey Works New York TimesI have been passionate about immersive theatre since I first heard of its existence – like everything I love, it combines a shift of perspective with audacious creativity and living a waking dream that might just shift your world view to boot.

Then in the summer of 2012, I went to California to co-produce the ultimate in utterly personalized, mind-bogglingly magical immersive theatre productions.

I went to work with Odyssey Works, a collective of multi-disciplinary artists who create bespoke immersive theatre for and about one person in San Francisco and New York.

Once an applicant has been chosen, the OW team spend four to six months researching every aspect of that person’s life, with the input of their friends, family and colleagues, culminating in a 24 to 36-hour long experiential adventure where the subject’s dreams are played out in the real world.

It’s a bit like the movie The Game – but without the guns, explosions and darkness.

This is more like a waking adventure into the most elaborate of personalised worlds, where every stranger might be an actor waiting to impart a plot twist and you wander between reality and fantasy with every footfall.

Tiu de Haan - Ceremony / Creativity - Odyssey Works: New York Times ArticleThe New York Times covered the performance which I co-produced:

The very exciting news is that it is coming to London in 2016 and I will be co-producing once again.
Watch this space.

Eyeshine Project

In 2005 I founded Eyeshine, a not-for-profit organisation offering experiential adventures that remind people of all ages how to access their creativity, playfulness and sense of wonder.

In 2008 we succeeded in fundraising £240k from the BIG Lottery for a magical project for parents and children in Devon, reminding families how to connect to each other and to their own innate joy and creativity through playing together in nature.

If you would like to see our flyer, click to enlarge

Tiu-de-Haan-Ceremony-Creativity-Eyeshine-Flyer-1 Tiu-de-Haan-Ceremony-Creativity-Eyeshine-Flyer-2

We spent the next few years giving away free family residential weekends and helped hundreds of people of all ages to rediscover their sense of magic.


“Eyeshine has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It taught me that I am actually quite good at playing – but just need to remember that and find time to do it. The facilitators are inspirational and have really helped to inject a new playfulness into our family life.“ Mary

“I want to thank Eyeshine from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my lost childhood and making my eyes shine again. If everyone in the world played for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, I wonder what this world would be like.” Lin

“Eyeshine was a truly magical experience. I feel that it has completely changed the way I think, feel and act. It has shown me a different path in life, a more playful path. It showed me different ways of interacting with my son and having fun in ways which I would never have thought of before. I would absolutely recommend it to all families. It’s an experience I’ll never forget!” Arthur, father of G

“Eyeshine is a wonderful, unique, life-changing experience which has allowed more fun and greater closeness in our daily family life. A life-enhancing experience!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!.” Zoe, mother of A

“Eyeshine is the best holiday I’ve ever ever been on, it was so king and we did lots of exciting things… PLEASE can we go back next year?.” E aged 9

Magic Portal Walks

Magic Portal Walks

Would you like to learn how to find magic portals into other worlds and go through them at will, right in the heart of London?

And while you’re at it, spark your imagination, supercharge your senses, see the world afresh and connect with your potent creativity, all the while having fun in the forest?

This is not a metaphor.
It is a real experience, which requires only a couple of hours, an open mind, a playful spirit and a little bit of wilderness.
And perhaps some shoes suitable for climbing a tree.

Get in touch if you would like to book a Magic Portal Walk for yourself, your friends, your team or your organisation.

“I’ve had such a lovely week filled with time in nature since our portal walk together – the experience had a dramatic affect on my senses and feeling of presence! The process stirred quite an emotional reaction within me that is wonderful to reconnect with. I think the best way to describe it is my ‘inner child’. It renewed my sense of the mystical, found not in fairy tales but in the very mundane. How long it had been since I’d paused to hear what a tree might say to me! I felt like I was 5 all over again, living out my Enid Blyton dreams. But this time there was the awareness that what is real is even more magical than the imagined – from the intelligence that sustains the life within the trees and forest, to the life within me. What a gift, Tiu – thank you, thank you!”
Melanie, Leaders Quest

Music Projects


I have been singing and writing songs since the age of 13 and spent a good few years pursuing my dream of becoming a successful recording artist, working with incredible musicians and producers all over the planet, as well as collaborating with other artists spanning every genre from jazz to folk to film scores.

After several years of creating magical experiential adventures for people, which put singing on the backburner, I am now loving the fact that once again I am making music – but this time, it’s just for the joy. Of which there is plenty.
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