Tiu de Haan – TEDx Talk: Why We Still Need Ritual


How do we create real moments of meaning in our lives? Humans have always used ritual to create meaning in celebrating life, love and death – and Tiu de Haan is a celebrant creating 21st century rituals for moments both big and small. She takes us on a journey to explore how to create experiences that connect us to each other, to ourselves and to the moments that matter.

Odyssey Works Interview – Accessing the Wonder


In January 2016, Tiu was interviewed by American arts organisation OW. Read her most in depth interview to date about how she creates experiences that touch the heart and access wonder.

“My measure of professional success is if I have managed to make people cry. Or at the very least, get a little shiny-eyed.”

Read the full interview here:

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Tiu the Celebrant – Glass Cathedral by Lisa Swerling



The very talented Lisa Swerling is the creator of the incredible Glass Cathedrals, miniature worlds of brilliant imagination and beauty. She made this one-of-a-kind portrait of a teeny tiny Tiu, sporting her white trouser suit and striding through a sparking landscape.

Look at her beautiful creations here: www.glasscathedrals.com

Sunday Times – Article on new rituals to celebrate babies



Tiu was featured in an article by the Sunday Times about new rituals to celebrate motherhood. Click the image to view a larger version.

Tiu The Celebrant

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